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Jan. 1st, 2020

Text: I don't think. I feel.

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Mar. 29th, 2015


Self Pimp: Zen Aquaria

Since my foray into fish husbandry seems to be becoming a pretty big thing for me, I'm going to try and not ramble so much about it here, and use my new blog instead.

The blog was supposed to be about 'finding myself' but since I never found suitable topics for individual posts, the blog will be how I find peace in a fish tank.

I just made my first post over there, wee!

I'm going to have to figure out how to use wordpress more.

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Feb. 8th, 2015


(no subject)

I promise to try and get back to my usual posting and commenting schedule, but please.

Go check this out.
Linkkkkie --->

This is terribly humbling. It's a your-life-so-far-in-review.

As of typing,

My heart has beaten 1 billion times in my lifetime

on Earth I am 26, on Neptune I am 0
My next birthday on Neptune is in 50,468 Earth days

I've traveled 130,197,320,205 miles through the Milky Way

When I was 2, the black-faced lion tamarin was discovered.
There have been 126 major volcanic eruptions.
Ocean pH has decreased by 0.05

When I was 11, 157 fish species were listed as critical, now 424 are on the brink of extinction.
"There are virtually no Goliath groupers left in the world."

When I was 17, black rhinos were saved from extinction. There population exceeds 3,000.

Upsetting, fascinating. Reminding me how human I am and how much humanity is to blame for all the good and bad that happens in our world.

I want to bookmark this link and revisit it occasionally.

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Oct. 26th, 2014

Last of the Wildes

(no subject)

I tried so hard not to have too much caffeine after dark but I still had a ridiculous time falling asleep. Finally around 1:30 AM I took some melatonin and still ended waking up around 5 feeling restless.

While I was trying to get sleepy, I was playing video-hopscotch on youtube and found some hard rock/metal bands that I'm actually kind of into.

It seems like this might be the most melodic track this band has but I'm in love with it so much - even the screamy parts. The electronic overlay is what caught my attention at first and I had to keep listening. I was not disappointed. The main singer reminds me of the dude from Sleepthief and it's surreal.

I'm absolutely shocked that this tickles my fancy at all. Mm. I can't help but try to have eye sex with the singer every time he looks at the camera. This is something my best friend would be cruising to rather than something you'd find on my playlist, but there's something about it that I have to listen to it again and again.

This one is more my pace. The first video that caught my attention was really weird, but I really like this song and you can't even tell it's a live recording. I was dating a singer/songwriting for a little while and if they ever get to make it big, I think they'd have a style similar toe POTF. The lead's vibrato is sensational. I can listen to him sing all day.

I'm hoping to be able to explore more of each band's music today while I'm doing laundry. But first, I have to go shopping and spend my hard-earned monies.

Sep. 23rd, 2014

Black chair white cat

(no subject)

I've forgotten just how much I love autumn.

Happy Equinox!

Aug. 17th, 2014

Last of the Wildes

(no subject)

I hate that all of my excitement for this concert has shifted from seeing Linkin Park for the first time in about five years, to being so absolutely thrilled at seeing 30 Seconds to Mars performing for the first time ever in my lifetime. I just. I can imagine being one of a thousand faces in the crowd and letting the music cleanse me, and feeling the bass in my veins and chasing my heartbeat, and sharing these incredible moments with so many strangers. I know what our combined voices will sound like from the stage. I know what the sea of arms and the tiny sparkling ocean of our lighters will look like from the stage. And I will be a single soul in that collective army of bodies; I can't help but well up with tears in anticipation. Watching the music videos and thinking, "my God, how awesome is this going to sound in New York?" And wondering how many of these faceless strangers will be sharing the same range of emotions as I will have that night. It's horrifically overwhelming. My skin tingles with so much anticipation.

I hope I hear "City of Angels," "Kings and Queens," and I swear, if they play "The Pyres of Varanasi" to lead into "Up In The Air," I'm going to be a sobbing mess.

Four more days. I need to survive four more days. And then we lose ourselves to the music. My God, I can't wait. It's going to be so incredible.

Aug. 9th, 2014


(no subject)

So... like two weeks ago I made a post completely fangirling to the extreme about this video and got secondhand embarrassment reading it again so made it private not even ten minutes later because it was that awful.

But. We got a "performance" version. Meaning. Dance. Fuckyeah!


Video. Yes, because I do this.

The best parts? Everything. Lol. But seriously? 0:54 - Hoya and Dongwoo mirror-dancing each other. Best OTP in this fandom and they aren't even discouraging it. ♥ 2:43 - Dongwoo, one of our beloved rappers, my glorious bias, sings. SINGS. I DIE! I just. Buh. Dead. Beautiful youngest Sungjong finishes the bridge with his angelic voice and face and everything. I hate that he's growing up but he's just so damn beautiful! ♥ 3:12 - The last best thing, the tallest, looks the best at the lead of this formation. God! Why can't they put Sungyeol in the front of the dance more often! Goodness! Those moves! ~ And then he disappears to the back after a few wonderful flourishes. I Am A Sad Tay.

I'm so exited for this. Infinite always has the best dance videos, they're never disappointing. This is probably my favorite.

Jul. 23rd, 2014

Other: Crawl out from the shadows and de

(no subject)

I got confirmation from my insurance company that my MRI is really truly going to cost $1,700 out of pocket all because my policy changed 23 days ago and I still have my entire deductible to pay. If I'd met my deductible prior to the test, the MRI would have been covered in full.

I hate my life.

And now I hope even more that they find something.

Jun. 16th, 2014

Animals: Wolf: Duststorm

(no subject)

Well, I guess my best friend Laura and I just "broke up."

Growing up and growing apart are two totally different things.

Jun. 6th, 2014

Animals: Wolves: Pissed

(no subject)

Between bills, meds, and fuel, I've already spent my paycheck. I just got paid.

This shit is really starting to suck. Seriously. Something's gotta give.

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